Day 2 – Easier than yesterday

2 September, 2010

OK, today I made it through the Sun Salutations, the Standing Postures, and stopped at Paschimatanasana B…I’m deliberately starting back slowly, and it’s amazing to me how quickly the body responds to what you give it…the body is tremendously honest, isn’t it?

Our minds certainly can lie to us, but you can’t put one over on your knee, or back or tight left hip. You can tell yourself “I NEED that pair of skyscraper heels” or even “I can’t live without (insert your latest obsession here)” (mine is “True Blood”), but when my left knee screamed “STOP!!!” when I tried to do a deeper Pigeon pose on my left side before my practice, I got the message clearly.

Another thing I noticed was how much easier practice today was than yesterday, somehow my breath seemed fuller, deeper; my gaze at each dristi felt sharper, the postures almost seemed to drift away (except Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana – my left knee cried – I did Vrkasana -Tree Pose – instead), there was a joyful ache in my left hip as I moved into Parsvakonasana – Side Angle Pose – on that side. I thought “Connection! maybe this is the way to get into my hip deeper so that I can free my knee of pain”

The deep lesson of this practice, and, I think, yoga on a greater scale, is to be very present in each moment, measure your practice and your life with the breath, but don’t be measured BY it.

More tomorrow!


One Response to “Day 2 – Easier than yesterday”

  1. Danielle said

    Your first two posts remind me of when I journalled for my last 30 day challenge. I sprained my toe very badly on the very first day…from then on, no matter how very badly I wanted to go further, my 30 day challenge was mostly about coming to the mat and accepting my practice for what it was that day. THIS is the yoga 😉 Isn't it beautiful!

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