day 10 – 14 – I’m so sorry!

15 September, 2010

Readers, I’m so sorry I haven’t been as consistent as I promised I’d be….I’m still practising, but for a number of reason ranging from powercuts to writer’s block, I haven’t been able to share my thoughts with you, and for that I’m sorry.

Lately I’ve been pondering how we handle difficult situations – death, bad relationships, troubles with your job or finances – and what we DO when these things happen. What I know is that we should practice without ceasing, and for an extended period of time. Why, I’m not sure – certainly there’s a moment where you arrive at such clarity in the breath – where the tristhana (the Ashtanga method of uniting the three element of breath, posture and gaze) comes to life within you and you just KNOW you can touch all the wisdom in the universe. Unfortunately, these moments all all too brief, leaving us to often founder in the dark of our anger, grief, confusion and most often, fear. When I practise these days, even with bad thoughts swirling in my head and no clue of how to make it mentally to the next posture, I think “is this a choice from fear or from love”….Really, when you think about it, 99% of the choices we makes come down to those two things.

My challenge to you, count how often you decide from love today, and tell me about it!



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