Day 25 – First of the Last

22 January, 2012

So today is the first of my lasts here in Mysore for this year…my last Led Sunday Primary class, my last conference with Sharath…first the practice, it was hard today. I couldn’t focus my dristis, postures that are normally not challenging for me suddenly were, I could feel my shoulder almost searing. And so I decided, to slow down and not look to create a beautiful-looking practice, but instead just to breathe and let go…in that way, I made it through the practice, and let’s face it, some days that’s all we can manage. Knowing these things, acknowledging when you need to hold something, and more importantly, when you need to let it go, that’s the power of the yoga that takes place beyond the asanas we do.

After practice, I got a jelly coconut and ran off to Anohki’s to get breakfast, they were a bit slow today (understaffed) so I was just able to cut and swallow my banana-and-cinnamon pancakes (they were goooood, did I mention I’m loving the food? And the prices? Good grief, amazing!) and just made it back in time for conference. And what a blessing, because a senior student, Alex Medin, had made a documentary called “Mysore Magic: yoga at the source” during my first two weeks here, and we got to screen it. Here’s the brief, but really lovely snippets of our daily lives here, I just have to share it.

Watching it, there were moments I was almost in tears, without really knowing why, maybe feeling the sadness of it being my last week here, maybe just overwhelmed and working through my own energy and issues brought up through the practice itself, but I came away feeling so humbled and yet so proud to be a part of this great thing called “Ashtanga”, it may not me someone else’s way, but I certainly feel like it’s mine.

A close friend asked me today, “how do you think India has changed you?” and to be honest, I haven’t even thought about it, I’ve just been here living, paying rent, doing my practice, meeting and making friends, working, doing chores, much like I would at home. I walk everywhere, often in bemused wonder at being in India (still!), or smiling at something uniquely Indian or something I can draw a parallel with in Jamaica. I don’t know, maybe I’ll feel different when I go home, maybe I won’t, but others may see the differences in me. I’m not trying to analyze all that now. I just want to remain present, have a good time, follow the path of the practice, pick up some things and let others go. Jamaica is home. It is inevitable, why rush it?

Tomorrow, Monday is a moon day, so we get another rest (new moon, grounding energy. I’m content to let the day unfold as it will, and then the next 6 days until I’m in Kingston town again, smiling and smelling the sea (the harbour? lol)

Til tomorrow

Ever grateful


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