A Loop from the Loom

18 July, 2012


Even when there is doubt

Take it to the Mat

Pray to whomever (or whatever) you do

Take your dreams, wishes, fear and wrath

And leave them there with equal breath 

And when you do, you will begin 

To see, with more than your earthly eyes

The soul, atma, purusha within you, within me, within all 

ALL is coming



Ever Grateful

She Who Weaves Words

4 Responses to “A Loop from the Loom”

  1. Nikki said

    a beautiful weave of words! Thanks for visiting my site so that I may come here and see these words spill from my screen into my heart!

    • You’re so welcome – and thank you for the add on FB – often when we practise alone or are just finding our through the practice (breath by breath, vinyasa by vinyasa), it helps just knowing we’re not alone and that someone else understands each tear, each bead of sweat, the beauty of a bind, and the beauty of falling out of a posture. Be Blessed!

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