A supercool moment

30 July, 2012

I’m so happy to tell this story.  Meet Meena, she’s a very cool chic  from Melbourne, Australia, a dancehall DJ (or “selector”) who spent a few weeks here to delve deeply into the  present and future of Jamaican urban music…AND she happens to be an Ashtangi!  Hooray!! She found me on Twitter (I KNEW it had its uses 😉 ) and wrote me, and a few days later we were able to do our Mysore-style practice together.

Now that might not seem like much, but for me it was amazing. Even though the practice is essentially an independent one, there is definitely something to be said for having someone share the breath and the experience of moving through the postures with you.  And she came along at a moment when I definitely wasn’t feeling as motivated as I normally do on the mat (my wise yoga friends say it’s normal to feel that way, and I try to just remain present and practise and give my all). I’m so grateful for her!

We met up again last Thursday (she returned home on Saturday) and had a yummy lunch and lyme. I was reminded that no matter what, or how lonely practice can feel, that staying with it (practising for “….a long time” – Sutra 1.14 for you yoga philosophers – is the way to reap the true and lasting benefits of the practice of yoga). To boot, I made a new friend in such a cool and unusual (see what I did there? ;)) way; reminding me that even in this life, though we are all different in so many ways, that our pursuits and passions can really bring us together.  And that you’re never really alone. And THAT is really cool.

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