Stepping into the Flow

23 February, 2013

First class tomorrow morning at 4:30am, aside from the mad-as-shad start time, I’m excited to roll out my mat, hear Sharath do the opening chant and step into he flow of the breath, knowing I’m not alone. My heart thirsts for this time to just be a student, and to connect (and reconnect) with other students – to just drink it all in.

Today was food and rest day: I’m nursing an icky sinus-throat thing that’s been looming since the rainy-day (although lovely) wedding I went to on Saturday. Breakfast at Anohki Garden, a great chat with friends from MLC, and a cooking class with Anu.

OK, so to be of any use to myself tomorrow, I’m off! If you’re wondering  “but it’s the middle of the morning!”, remember to add 10 1/2 hours to Jamaica time.

Always thankful

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